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Attract more clients with a great profile photo

Marketing yourself is a concept that many care workers have not had to deal with before.

Care workers employed by agencies undergo an interview process and then are sent out to clients.  Clients don’t have any, or very limited, choice over who is assigned as their care worker. Care workers don’t have much choice either.

That all changes when you join Mable’s community of local care workers.  Clients now have choice – and they’re loving it! But if you choose to be a freelance care worker, you are now competing with others like you on Mable platform. Have you checked out your competition yet?

Pick me!

When clients of Mable are looking for a care worker, they scroll through lots of profiles. Much of their decision to choose a shortlist of candidates is based on the photo supplied by the care worker. So, it’s a no-brainer that having a great photo should be the number one thing you should get right when marketing your care service on the Mable platform.

The busiest care workers at Mable are those with great profile photos. Having a good Mable profile picture makes you seven times more likely to be clicked on by a customer.

What makes a good photo, you ask? Here’s a start:

  1. Smiling – check out the profiles on the top of this page – smiling makes you look friendly, kind and approachable.
  2. Good lighting – customers need to clearly see your smiling face – you don’t want dark shadows. Good lighting makes you look energetic and fresh.
  3. Plain background – you don’t want to compete with a busy background. Stand in front of a blank wall.
  4. Dressing discretely – a professional look attracts higher paying clients. Don’t reveal too much flesh – keep shoulders and décolletage covered.
  5. Minimal makeup – a professional person doesn’t wear heavy make-up or bright lipstick. But for the photo you will need to put a bit of make up on so that you don’t look worn out.
  6. Keep it simple –  the photo should highlight you and only you – so try cropping or zooming a photo to remove the superfluous space or background around you.

It’s easy to take a selfie

If you don’t have anyone who can take a photo of you (really?), then why not try a selfie!



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