Why do I need an ABN?

As of November 2017, all workers operating on the Mable platform need to be registered for an ABN. Having an ABN is a key component of working for yourself. As our community grows, we want to continue providing workers with the greatest opportunity to find as much work as they’d like.

Here are three key benefits of having an ABN.

Make things simpler
The income threshold for when you may be required by law to have an ABN is low, and most independent workers would need to have one for tax purposes. Knowing when you’ve crossed this threshold may be tricky, so to ensure all workers on our platform are operating as they should be, an ABN is mandatory to be an independent support worker on Mable.

Increase your opportunities
Having an ABN means more opportunities to work with more clients. For example, any client who uses aged care or NDIS government funding to pay for their services will only be able to engage a worker who has an ABN. Ensuring you’ve got one will ultimately make you more desirable.

Independent support workers on Mable are sole traders running their businesses. No matter how many hours a week you work on Mable, you’re building your business. To prospective clients, an ABN can act as an endorsement of you and your services.

You can apply for an ABN easily and for free directly through the Australian Business Register website. 

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