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How independent support workers can join Mable’s free sessions on ‘Securing Your First Client’

Once you have been approved as an independent support worker, our dedicated onboarding team offers free online sessions on ‘Securing Your First Client’, full of helpful information and tips to help you secure job opportunities via the Mable platform.

You can register for a session here.

When are the online ‘Securing Your First Client’ sessions held?

Our dedicated team currently hosts three online sessions weekly:

  • Monday – 10 am
  • Tuesday – 11 am
  • Thursday – 12 pm

All times are Australian Eastern Daylight Time. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes and are not held on public holidays.

What is included in these sessions?

Key topics we cover include:

  • Elevating your profile
  • Securing job opportunities 
  • How to write an agreement
  • Submitting support hours 
  • Mable benefits.

The sessions also include Q&A time to connect with our team in a welcoming environment.

How are the sessions held?

We hold these sessions via Zoom. We’ll email you a Zoom link upon registering and recommend having a stable internet connection capable of supporting an hour-long stream.

As an Independent Support Worker on Mable, you benefit from the coverage of our high-level insurance suite, access our wellbeing platform and 24/7 counselling support, or upskill with over 170+ free online courses available to support workers on the Mable platform.

Learn more about the benefits of being a support worker on Mable, take a look at our approved support worker guide or watch our Steps to Success video for more information on how you can get started today.