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Moments with Mable: Meet David and Quentin

We’re thrilled to introduce you to David and Quentin, the latest in our Moments with Mable series, where we showcase just some of the many connections that are made on the Mable platform every day.

David, a full-time musician, was looking for a gig buddy to help him access venues and discuss the performances with him. Several of David’s friends suggested to him that he give Mable a try. He took their advice and signed up, and that’s how he met Quentin. 

Quentin, who is a singer, actor and musician, bonded with David over their shared love of music. The first time they met, the two quickly got caught up in admiring David’s keyboards and discussing music, and were almost late for the gig that they had organised to attend!

Quentin and David have now regularly played music and attended gigs together, with David saying that his connection with Quentin is an “important part” of his life.

Watch their story below.

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