What is NDIS plan management?

Last updated 27 March 2023

With an NDIS plan, you have three ways to manage your NDIS funding: plan-managed, self-managed or Agency-managed. However, it may take some time to find the option that is right for you.

To help you make an informed decision about the management of your NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) plan, we’ve created this guide to help you learn, discover, and research plan management.

Your NDIS plan management options

If your NDIS plan is plan-managed or self-managed, you can choose to work with both registered and non-registered providers for your support and you can use your NDIS funding to book independent support workers on Mable.

If your NDIS funding is NDIA-managed, you can only use your NDIS funding to pay for NDIS-registered providers, so you cannot use your NDIS funding to pay for independent support workers booked on Mable.

Learn more about the three ways to manage your NDIS funding.

What is NDIS plan management?

NDIS plan management occurs when a plan manager is responsible for a number of aspects of an NDIS plan. When you NDIS funding is plan-managed, you can:

  • choose and engage with support providers who suit you (registered and non-registered),
  • negotiate pricing to suit your budget,
  • and experience better choice and control while having someone else complete administrative matters.

Plan management provides assistance with managing your funding, while you maintain the control over how your support looks so that it is right for you. For those who may be nervous about managing their own payments or knowing how you can and can’t spend your NDIS budget, plan management may be a great solution.

Plan management means you aren’t restricted to receiving support via only NDIS registered providers – you can also use non-registered services such as Mable.

When your NDIS funding is plan-managed, you can not only choose from registered and non-registered services and supports, but you have someone paying the bills on your behalf. You’ve also got advice available to you about the NDIS.

A key benefit of NDIS plan management is that it won’t cost you more to have a plan manager. “Plan management offers all the advantages of self-management without some of the disadvantages: you’re funded to have someone else do your paperwork and manage your funding while retaining full choice and control,” says Luke, Senior Manager of Sector Partnerships at Mable.

What does an NDIS plan manager do?

Generally, an NDIS plan manager will:

  • pay your support providers (such as Mable) on your behalf,
  • help you keep track of your budget balances, funds and spending,
  • manage your service agreements,
  • provide you with updates on your spending,
  • monitor your bills, monthly statements and provider invoices,
  • and give you access to a list of providers in your area.

Having access to the right plan manager could dramatically improve your NDIS plan’s effectiveness and help create strong, beneficial relationships with experienced professionals.

A plan manager will take care of the payments on your behalf while you have the flexibility to choose from both registered and non-registered providers. Not all plan managers are the same, so it’s important to choose one who works well with you.

If you’re unsure where or how to find an NDIS plan manager, ask other NDIS participants and their families for recommendations. Or, the Mable Team can help refer you to a plan management organisation during your onboarding process when you sign up as a client.

When choosing a plan manager, don’t be afraid to ask them how quickly they pay invoices – you need a plan manager who can pay your bills promptly. Slow payments may negatively impact your relationships with services and supports.

Plan managers, especially independent and innovative plan management providers, are creating really efficient and transparent solutions that keep participants informed on their NDIS spending.

How to make the switch to NDIS plan management

Every NDIS participant has the right to choose which management option suits them. If you don’t currently have a plan manager, you can switch to plan management by requesting it in your Plan Reassessment meeting. Participants can also request a plan variation (formerly ‘light touch review’) or if they want to change their NDIS management option. These reviews can only be requested for minor administrative matters.

Before you request a meeting to switch your management options, you should spend valuable time researching NDIS plan managers in your region. You can do this via the NDIS website, which contains an extensive list of registered plan managers in your region.

You may then wish to get in touch with a number of providers and ask for some key information, such as:

  • the size of their team,
  • their average timeframe for paying bills and invoices,
  • whether they are able to answer any of your queries,
  • and whether they have an online portal or informational resources.

Is your NDIS funding plan managed? Through Mable, you can experience more independence and better control of your supports. The Mable Team can refer you to a range of plan management options – get in touch with us today to get started.

Plan M (a related but separate entity to Mable) is also an NDIS plan management organisation that can help you maintain the financial aspects of your NDIS plan.

With Mable, you can connect to independent support workers who can provide disability support that fits your lifestyle. Head to Mable to learn more.


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