How coordinators can message shortlisted independent support workers at once

As a coordinator on Mable, you can save time by messaging as many shortlisted independent support workers at once as you like.

You can use this feature as yourself or on a client’s behalf.

Step One – Shortlisting Workers

You can build a shortlist of support workers by selecting the Shortlist option on every worker profile.

Once you’ve built your shortlist, visit the Shortlist menu option from your Mable account and select the workers you wish to message. You can save even more time by using the Select all option.

Step Two – Messaging

Once you’ve selected your shortlisted workers, you can write your message.

If you have clients on Mable, you’ll be asked which clients you wish to send the message on behalf of.

If you only have one client on Mable, they will be selected by default.

When you’ve finished your message, select Send. Our platform confirms when the messages have been sent.

If you have any questions relating to bulk messaging or other Mable features you can email us via


No, you can only message on behalf of a single client. The message appears from you as coordinator and is also visible to the client in their inbox (if the client has access to their inbox).

Support workers receive messages on Mable the same way, regardless if the messages are collectively or individually sent. You can reply to an individual support worker in the usual way from your Mable’s account inbox.

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