Top three advantages of building a team of supports on Mable

Young boy who uses a wheelchair speaking with his team of support workers.

On Mable, you can find support people who share your interests, and who can support you to do the things you’d like to do. There’s no limit to the amount of support people you can engage via Mable, so the possibilities are endless! Taking advantage of this and building out a team of support comes with numerous advantages – we’ve put together our top three!

1. You’ll always have support when you want it

A team of support on Mable means that if one worker is unwell or unable to make a shift, you already have other options who can fill in to meet your needs. If you have 2 or 3 support people on Mable that you get along really well with, it can be a good idea to introduce them to each other, so that they are all aware of their support schedules. This means that, with a team you can rely on, you’ll never be left having to locate another support worker at the last minute!

One good example of a Mable user who has built a team of support is Melissa, who uses Mable to get social support for her 3 children. Her support workers are all university students, and are able to organise amongst themselves for times where one of them might need to cover a shift as another member of her team has exams or other commitments.

2. You can have different support people for different activities

You probably have a whole variety of activities and interests that you like taking part in. On Mable, you can find different people to engage in different activities with you. One Mable client who is making the most out of the different backgrounds that support people on Mable have is Jordan, a young man with a variety of passions. His dream is to one day be a Paralympian in cycling, so on Mable he works with a support worker who is also a cyclist. Another of his interests is photography, so he also works with a photographer support worker, who takes him out to take photos, helps him use photoshop, and assists him with his TAFE studies in photography.

You can also ‘post a job’ on Mable to craft a job post with your specific requirements, such as; any preferences in regard to age or background of your support worker, availability, any requirements they may need and the type of support you’d like them to provide. So if you wanted to add to your Mable support team, now is the perfect time to do it!

3. Different support workers can support you for different tasks

It’s important to consider that the qualifications of support workers on Mable vary, with some support workers only offering social support and other workers with nursing qualifications, specialists in different types of therapy, and so on. With a team of support workers, you can do the fun things you enjoy with your support workers who share your passions, and then have other support workers in your team for your other support needs, such as personal care or therapy support.

By choosing to have your support delivered by more than one worker you not only create more opportunity to engage with your community, have more diversity in your supports and those individual skills and interests that a support worker brings, but you also have some back up support when your valued support worker wants to take a holiday or falls sick.

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