Lead support worker: why you may need one

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Building a support team is a great way to make sure you get all the different types of support you need, when you need them. By choosing a lead support worker, you can easily manage your support team. This may include managing communication, rostering and other administrative tasks.

What is a lead support worker?

A lead support worker is someone you can nominate as a ‘team leader’ of your support team. This person can be from your existing support team or a new support worker you would like to engage, specifically to help you manage the team.

Do I need a lead support worker?

Managing a support team takes time and effort. If you have a team of support workers who:

  • Come in at various times of the day or week
  • Have different duties
  • Have different support time durations.

Then you may benefit from having a lead support worker. Your lead support worker can handle the day to day management tasks such as:

  • Creating rosters of support
  • Setting up buddy shifts with new support workers in your team
  • Managing orientation training
  • Filling in if your support worker is on leave or sick
  • Managing communication with other support workers regarding support sessions
  • Assist you in building a support team on Mable.

A lead support worker can help to make sure you receive reliable, high-quality support that meets your individual needs.

An example of how a lead support worker can help

Let’s say you have a family member who is your carer, and they have to go away for three nights, but you need round-the-clock support. Your lead support worker can make sure you always have someone there, including through the night.

That would involve engaging multiple support workers to cover the shifts you need. If they’re not all familiar with your needs, they can set up a ‘buddy shift’ to introduce the other support workers to you, and your support needs.

How do I nominate a lead support worker?

You might choose an existing support worker on your team with whom you work regularly, or someone with whom you have a long-term support relationship.

You can also book a new support worker on Mable, or bring your own support worker to Mable if you want.

How to post a job for a new lead support worker

If you want to post a job on Mable, it’s important to write a good job description to make sure you get the support worker who matches your criteria.

To post a job ad on Mable, open your account page and at the top right, you’ll see the orange button: ‘Post a job’. Click there and you’ll be guided through the process.

You can access our guide to writing a good job ad to write what you are expecting your lead support worker to do. Write a list of what their tasks and responsibilities will be. Once you’ve posted your job ad with all the details, you will start receiving responses from support workers on Mable. You can then start interviewing support workers and choose who suits you best.

Choosing Mable puts you in control of your support

Mable connects clients who are looking for aged care and disability support with independent support workers. By booking and managing the support you need through Mable:

  • You have choice and control over who supports you, when and where they support you, and how much you pay for the support.
  • You’re safeguarded by Mable’s verification process and the high-level suite of insurances arranged by Mable on behalf of support workers.

Ready to book a support worker? Start by posting a job or searching for support workers on Mable.

Building your support team news

Building your support team news