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Heading to the cinema? Here’s a guide for people who experience hearing loss

Want to join your friends and family next time they go to the cinema? If you experience hearing loss, follow these tips so you can enjoy the latest movies.

Choosing a seat

Go to the movies early or book online to make sure you can sit as close to the centre as possible. Movie theatres are generally designed to have the best sound in the centre of the theatre.

Devices and technology available in cinemas

There are a number of cinemas that cater for people with hearing loss. In a selection of cinemas there are devices available to assist you.

Event Cinemas offer:

  • Closed caption devices: Captions are delivered via a personal device with a display and privacy screen. You can sit in any seat in the cinema with a closed caption device, make sure you call in advance to reserve a device as they are subject to availability.
  • Infrared transmitters: This system consists of infrared transmitters mounted in the cinema that carry the sound to a receiver that you wear.
  • Hearing aid loops: This system consists of a wire loop that is installed in the cinema and is connected to the sound system. The wire loop creates a magnetic field and transmits sound to the hearing aid you wear. You’ll need turn your hearing aid to the T switch in order to pick this up.

Please note equipment and technology vary per cinema, contact your local cinema for more information.


CaptiView Closed Caption Viewing Systems are available on request at selected Hoyts cinemas. The CaptiView system consists of a small display on a bendable support arm that fits into your seat cup holder. Ensure that you contact your local theatre to confirm and to reserve a device.

We hope you enjoy the movie!

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