Six reasons why home care is a good idea to get the support you or a family needs


Six reasons why home care is a good idea to get the support you or a family needs

Often, the best place to receive high quality, personal care is at home. Thanks to Consumer Directed Care, consumers are now in control of what kind of home care services they receive. By self-managing, they can also get more hours of care. Here are six reasons why home care is a good idea.

It can provide health benefits

If you’re recovering from illness or injury, studies have shown that the environment you’re in can significantly impact how fast and well you recover. And it is now well-known that each additional hour of home care service per week equates to a six per cent lower risk of going into permanent residential care.

It’s affordable

Self-managing your Home Care Package makes home care far more affordable than a nursing home. Sometimes you can even double the hours of care you receive in a week. Mable is also a good option for customers paying privately. By finding and hiring your independent support workers on Mable, you have the freedom to build your support team to match the exact services and hours you need.

You get to choose

If you don’t need round the clock care but just want some support to remain living independently, home care is ideal. You can do as much or as little cleaning and gardening as you like and get support to do the rest. You can also mix personal care with social support, engaging a support worker to help you get out and do the things you love. It’s entirely up to you how who you hire and what they do for you.

Personalised one-on-one care

When you or your loved ones are receiving in-home care, the support workers only responsibility is to you. Over time, this kind of connection creates valuable long-term relationships, something which is less likely in a residential aged care environment.

Independence, comfort and confidence

One of the biggest fears of people who are ageing is the loss of independence. More than three-quarters of people over 60 have said they want to “age in place” at home. Home care offers more freedom and independence. With independence comes confidence, and the ability to stay active and connected to the community.

Keeps families together

Often, family members are the primary caregivers to their loved ones needing care. However, doing this full-time isn’t always feasible. With home care, families can still visit and provide support and care, but also live their own lives, knowing their loved one is in a safe and comfortable environment.

At the same time, if you have been caring for your partner or spouse, you can both remain at home and get more intensive in-home care from a qualified nurse, instead of one of you having to move to a nursing home.

On Mable, you can use your Home Care Package to choose your own support workers to provide the services you need. Mable is also a cost-effective option for clients paying privately.

Over 11 million support hours have been booked on Mable. We help you maximise NDIS or Home Care Package funding, and give safeguards and protections with every Mable booking.

Get started on Mable today. Find and book independent support workers in your local area.