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Thinking about in-home aged care and support? Here’s the support you can find on Mable

Last updated 2 August 2023

Here at Mable, we know that support can mean very different things to different people. As time goes on, this support can vary – from a little help with getting from A to Z, to day-to-day support with some of the tasks of daily living. Here, we take a look at the range of services provided by Mable’s community of Independent Support Workers.

Mable’s online community is made up of independent, experienced aged care workers, nurses and allied health professionals. 

By using Mable, you design your support around your life, meaning you only engage support workers you have chosen to provide the services you’d like. So, what does support via Mable look like? We’ve broken it down for you into the six main areas.

Social Support

Depending on who you are and what your life looks like, social support can be very different for each individual. It could be the support you need to get out into the community, pursue a hobby or maintain connections with friends. It may include transport to help you get out and about – or just someone to come to your home and have a chat over a cup of tea. It can even be support to learn a new skill, like help with using a computer. For Mable client Doug, it was about connecting with support worker Pam over a shared love of history. When it comes to social support, the possibilities are endless and entirely dependent on you and what you love to do. 

Domestic Assistance

Domestic assistance is support you might need at home to maintain your daily routines, your house and garden. Like social support, it does not need to be provided by someone with specific qualifications – although all independent support workers Mable undergo a strict onboarding process to ensure the safety of everyone in our community. Maybe you’d like someone to help with a little light cleaning – or support preparing healthy meals for the week? Perhaps you love gardening but need a little support to do the heavy lifting. For some of our clients, it even includes support at home that you’d like before you need aged care.

Personal Care

Personal Care is support that’s provided for those who need day to day assistance with showering, using the toilet, dressing and eating. It can also involve help moving around the house, or getting in and out of bed. Because this work requires a set of specific skills, only workers with a personal care qualification in Aged Care or Disability Support can offer these services via the platform.

Independent Living

Here at Mable, most of our clients are seeking the support they need to maintain an independent lifestyle. This could include support to maintain your daily routines at home or with things like personal admin. It might also include regular or ad hoc jobs like support to do the grocery shopping, or getting to and from appointments. Read how Trish’s team of support workers help her live independently.

Nursing Services

If you have higher support needs, would like assistance with medication or managing a condition, you can engage an independent nurse on Mable. Nurses working independently on the platform come from a range of backgrounds including residential care, mental health and even hospital and emergency settings.

Therapy Support

Therapy support may be the type of support you would find by engaging an allied health professional like a physiotherapist or a speech pathologist. It could be someone who helps you maintain your wellbeing through healthy eating or a gentle exercise routine. There are also support workers on the platform who can offer specialist therapy support like dementia care.

What does support via Mable cost?

As all workers on Mable are independent, they set their own rates, which are often determined by their level of experience or qualifications. You can learn more about the average cost of support via the platform here. After you agree on an hourly rate with your independent workers, you pay 7.95% in addition to that, while the worker receives the agreed rate less 10%.

Someone with a specific skill set like a nurse or dementia care specialist may choose to charge a slightly higher rate. The good news is with Mable, the hourly cost of support is something that you negotiate and decide with your chosen support worker. Self-managing your home care package via Mable means our approved provider partners, like Homemade Support, can offer a low administrative fee, freeing up more funding for you to spend on your services. Many of our clients’ engage a number of support workers to support them in different ways. 

Many workers on the platform will agree to a free ‘meet and greet’ so you can discuss the support you’re looking for and make sure you’re the right fit. Whatever services you’re engaging, your first meet and greet with a potential support worker is an important first step to ensuring you set the right expectations for your time together.

Interested in finding out who’s offering services in your local area? Search the profiles of independent support workers today.


As of 27 February 2017, your Home Care Package is portable. This means you have the freedom to choose which provider holds your funds.

If you aren’t happy with the services from your current provider, or they won’t allow you to hire workers directly through Mable, you can contact us about changing providers.

Mable is not an approved provider, but we are working with a range of existing providers to make sure that our users are able to move to a provider that gives them a better deal.

This means having reasonable administration and case management fees, and allowing clients to choose their own support workers through Mable.

Please contact us to discuss your options.

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