Five ways Mable could help you before you need aged care

An older women looks at a photo album with her support worker.

As we age, we want the ability to do so independently – and conversations about aged care become more about the support we need to maintain our lifestyle and manage our health. But even when we’re living comfortably without any support, a little help from Mable can life easier in some surprising ways.

Here at Mable, we love looking at ways that people can live independently for longer; whether it’s making your house a smart home, or taking steps to adapt your lifestyle to support independent living. It may be too early for you to start thinking about applying for a Home Care Package. But while you may not need assistance with the tasks of daily living like cooking, showering or mobility, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find support to make life a little easier via Mable.

Mable is an online platform that enables you to find and engage independent support workers from within your local community. There might be people from your community who are providing social support and domestic assistance, as well as more traditional types of support such as personal care and nursing.

Increasingly, we are seeing Mable clients use the platform to find these people to provide services that are not typically associated with aged care.

Seeking help around the home?

As we get a little older (and for some of us, at any age) there are certain things around the house that we’d like a little help with. Recently we’ve seen an increase in clients using the platform to find a handyman to do those jobs that they’d rather not. Whether it’s hanging a painting in a tricky spot, helping out with odd jobs and repairs or clearing out the gutters, chances are, there’s someone in the Mable community who can help you out.

Helping out with your pets

As we’ve explored, pets can bring a host of health, social and economic benefits. But as we get older, or even just busier, the time required to take care of pets can be hard to manage. Whether it’s finding someone to look after them when you can’t be there, or transporting them to the vets when you’re not able, on Mable you can find independent support workers to assist you with taking care of your pets. On the Mable, support workers will indicate on their profiles whether they are ‘pet friendly’, so you can be sure to approach the right workers for assistance.

Staying active

The older we get, the desire (if not the ability) to maintain a fitness regime can wane. Despite this, we know that there are lots of small ways that we can work towards maintaining our optimum health as we age. This is where a support worker can help. Mable’s community of independent support workers include people whose passion is fitness and nutrition. And if you’re not up for adopting an exercise regime, there are those that are looking to share their love of recreation sports like surfing or hiking with clients who are willing to give it a try.

Help with a passion project

One of the great things about Mable is the flexibility. As you’re in charge, you can select different independent support workers to provide different services at the times that suit you. One Mable client recently reported that she’d used the platform to engage one support worker to translate a poem from Italian, another to help her to organise her stamp collection, and someone else to accompany her on a week’s holiday.

One of our recent requests of the week was a client looking for a support worker to accompany her to a leather-working class while Mable client Doug engaged his independent support worker to help him work on a history project. If you have a project, hobby or new pursuit you would like help with, chances are you can find someone on Mable who’ll share that interest, too.

Keeping things in order

Independent support workers on Mable providing social and domestic assistance understand that sometimes support might simply be about keeping things tidy. Tired of worrying about the housework, or need some help restoring your garden to its former glory? Maybe you’d just like to engage someone to mow the lawn? That’s the kind of help you can find amongst our community.

Have an idea of something you’d like some help with? Post a job on the Mable platform to see who can assist.