Hike-able: Empowering more Canberran women to be active outdoors

Kelli Jackson sits on a rock.


Hike-able: Empowering more Canberran women to be active outdoors

Women’s Adventure ACT has been granted more than $19,000 for a new project called Hike-able, which will help older women and women with disability get outdoors and active in and around Canberra.

Kelli Jackson, who heads up the volunteer community group that has been around since 2017, said the Mable Community Grant would improve the accessibility of hiking to Canberra women.

“We want to keep the outdoors accessible, safe, affordable and available to women of all ages, backgrounds, gender identities, experiences, cultures and abilities.

“Through the Mable Community Grant, we will be able to purchase equipment, train our leaders and provide safety gear that will help support a diverse range of women to participate in our hikes,” Kelli said.

Women’s Adventure ACT is a non-profit community group that runs a range of outdoor activities for women. There are more than 4,000 followers in their Facebook group, and every weekend, women from Canberra can join at least one organised hike. 

“We want to provide as many opportunities for women to participate as possible, and so it’s important that our hikes are mapped out and graded on their intensity so people can opt in depending on their physical ability,” Kelli said.

Mable Chief Operating Officer Rachel Debeck said she was thoroughly impressed by the Hike-Able initiative Women’s Adventure ACT put forward and the inclusive focus of what they were trying to achieve through the grant.

“Our mission through the Mable Community Grants is to partner with like-minded changemakers who positively impact their community, such as Women’s Adventure ACT.

“My favourite time of year at Mable is when we award the Mable Community Grants. Giving back to those aligned with our purpose and achieving social inclusion in their local communities gives us great joy. It demonstrates the power of Mable and the community working together to drive these outcomes.”

“At Mable, we are dedicated to breaking down the barriers for older Australians and people with disability to social and workforce participation. We advocate for a society that sees people of all ages, demographics, and abilities achieve whatever gives them a sense of purpose and belonging,” Rachel said. At Mable, we believe in an inclusive society where everyone belongs. Through Mable’s Community Grants, we aim to fund people and projects that promote independence and inclusion for people with disability and older Australians. Find out more about Mable Community Grants.