Surf therapy, camping and more: disability-friendly activities for kids and adults


Surf therapy, camping and more: disability-friendly activities for kids and adults


Surf therapy, Minecraft friendship groups, equine therapy and more — here’s our guide to fun, educational and engaging activities for kids and adults across Australia.

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Please note: all information is correct at the time of writing. For more information, please contact the organiser. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

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Achilles Australia

Enjoy running or walking? With Achilles Australia people with disability can train and participate in events, and enjoy the social and health benefits of an active lifestyle.

Find your local Achilles running club here


Run by sailing clubs across the nation, Sailability features volunteers who give participants the support and equipment they need to enjoy sailing. 

Contact the Sailability Coordinator at your local sailing club to find out more.

Autism Swim

Autism Swim is about giving swim instructors the training and resources they need to teach a child with ASD how to swim. 

Swimming lessons are not generally covered by the NDIS. However, an ‘aquatics program’ that has disability-specific considerations may be. 

Please check with your planner.

Find a provider here or ask Autism Swim to contact your local swim centre about getting certified.

Amazing Skills

Online courses on Amazing Skills help to build social and friendship skills. 

These include a fun spy-game for kids, Minecraft friendship groups, teen peer skills and courses for adults with ASD.


A fortnightly Zoom event for LGBTIQA+ people with disability, neurodivergence and other health conditions. 

Disabili-Tea is an inclusive online space where you can talk, laugh, connect and share.

Lusio Rehab   

Lusio Rehab is a fun tech initiative. 

‘Players’ wear a device that’s fitted with sensors and complete fun games via an app. These games help them meet personal rehabilitation goals.


Surfing the Spectrum

This surf therapy initiative connects surf schools with those on the autism spectrum who wish to learn the sport. It is free of charge. Book a lesson.

BreakAway Camping and 4-Wheel Driving

Small group adventure tours designed for those with disability who are self-managed or plan-managed NDIS participants. 

Head over to Facebook and Instagram to learn more. You can also email them at

A-List Social Hubs

The A List Social Hubs are face-to-face meet ups where young neurodivergent people can meet others, make friends or just hang out. 



Overseen by an Occupational Therapist, MindClimb combines climbing with therapeutic interventions that meet your child’s NDIS goals (as such funding can be used). 

MindClimb is designed for those with ASD and offered through Clip ’N Climb Berwick. 

AAA Play

A Victorian Government sports initiative, AAA Play connects people with disability to local sport and recreation clubs. 

Find your next sporting challenge using their search tool.

Sensorium Art Therapy

The neurodivergent-led Sensorium Art Therapy studio in Preston has programs run by NDIS-registered art therapists. 

It is a calming space with art therapy, which is said to improve emotional wellbeing, reduce stress and promote self acceptance. 

Art therapy is recognised by the NDIS as a therapeutic support option. 


Screech Arts

Screech Arts is an inclusive and fully accessible performance arts school for kids, teens and adults. 

Programs help to build self expression and provide performance opportunities. 

They are offered at various locations across Queensland. You can use your NDIS funding through Core funding or the Capacity Building category of Increased Social and Community Participation. 

Surfing The Spectrum

This surf therapy initiative connects surf schools located on the Gold Coast and Noosa, with those on the autism spectrum who wish to learn the sport. 

It is free of charge. Book a lesson.


Dice 4 Diversity

This initiative offers role-playing games (Dungeons & Dragons!) that focus on social education in a fun environment. 

Role-playing is a great way to learn social skills in a safe environment – the fun and enjoyment is a bonus. 

Dice4Diversity offers sessions to children from Year 3 and up, teens and adults.

Pricing for sessions is under the NDIS price guideline hourly rate for social support. 

Weekly session rates are lower than Saturday rates, in line with NDIS guidelines.

South Australia

Lolly Jar Circus

An inclusive not-for-profit circus school. Lolly Jar Circus teachers are trained in different learning styles and sensory needs. 

Young people learn new and exciting skills like tumbling, trapeze and juggling. They improve their fitness, gross and fine motor skills. 

Weekly classes are offered during school terms at Elizabeth East and North Adelaide. 

Equine Assisted Learning 

Equine Assisted Learning is a program that helps to develop confidence, coping and communication skills through working with horses. 

The program is offered weekly to both children and adults by Catalyst Living Skills

Disabili-Tea – ‘Out & About’

Members of the LGBTIQA+ community with disability can catch up in person with Disabili-Tea Out & About. 

Activities are chosen by the group and are low-cost or free. 

Email for more information.

Western Australia


Fishability helps kids and adults with disability experience the joy of fishing with trained volunteers.
Shore, jetty and accessible-boat fishing activities are held with modified fishing equipment at various locations.

We hope you find this guide useful. You can learn more about NDIS funding and support categories in our NDIS guide.

Don’t forget to book an independent support worker on Mable to help you participate or provide transport or support you in other ways.