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9 ways your support sessions can bring the festive spirit

It’s nearly that time of year again! We have some great ideas for ways that you can make your support sessions more festive and seasonal.

Remember that you can engage with a support worker for social and community participation, as well as those you need for your health and wellbeing. You can even search for support workers that you don’t normally work with and meet someone new to add to your team.

Make a list of your errands

Create a list of everything you need to get done for the festive season. Errands never stop and at this time of year, you might be even busier. Do you need to put up some beautiful decorations? Do you need to take a trip to the post office to post presents to friends far away? Maybe you need to go shopping for delicious festive foods. You can connect with an independent worker to support you with whatever errands you need to do at this time of year.

Gift shopping made easy

Do you have a long list of friends and family that you need to buy gifts for? You could connect with a support worker who you could go to the shops with, or even sit with you at home as you research and order online! You might like to take a look at our accessible gift guide or seniors gift guide for ideas. Your support worker can also help you to wrap gifts and write cards.

Cook in advance

Cooking for family and friends can be tiring in a rush, so why not prepare some of your goodies in advance? A support worker can work with you to make your pavlova and bake cookies and, closer to the day, prepare your veggies, marinate your roast or stuff the turkey. They can work with you to set the table, put presents under the tree and give your kitchen and living area a good going-over so it’s clean, tidy and welcoming.

Decorate the tree

Having a Christmas tree up adds so much colour and fun to a home, especially if it has lights! You could work with your support worker to put it up and decorate it, or go out and even purchase one!

Volunteering in your community

This is a great time to share your kindness with the community. But if you require transportation, a support worker can help you get there. Perhaps you’re interested in wrapping presents for a charity or helping to run a fundraiser food stall at a weekend market. Discuss your ideas with your support worker and work out how, together, you can make it happen.

It’s not just the festive season, it’s summer!

How do you keep your cool over the holidays? You could go to the movies with your support worker, where the aircon sets the perfect temperature for some relaxing entertainment.

An outing to the public swimming pool, feeding the ducks at your local creek or taking a picnic lunch to the beach or by a brook will bring water into the picture. That’s always refreshing and enjoyable. Just make sure you wear sunscreen and cover up with a hat.

Christmas lights and carols

Driving around festive neighbourhoods that have put in a lot of effort with their Christmas lights is pure joy. At night, there’s often a lovely breeze and there’s a fun buzz in the air, with children giggling with delight and everyone in a wonderful mood. Together with your support worker, you could map out the best Christmas lights and go and see them together. Also, don’t miss an opportunity to go along to a carols event. It could be at your local tavern, a school, the shopping centre or weekend markets.

Go along to a party

This is the time of year when it’s easy to find a gathering of people who are celebrating the festive season. Do you belong to a club? Do you attend a church? Do your grandchildren have festivities at their kindy or school? Have a chat with your support worker about where you could find a little ‘do’ where you can share some food and drinks and catch up with people you know.

Host a party yourself

Would you love to have some friends over for a gathering? Together with a support worker, you could hang some decorations, send out some invitations, whip up some tasty treats and put together some goodie bags for those who attend. It could be morning or afternoon tea on the back lawn or a get-together in the cool of the garage. Or you could invite your friends to meet you at a nearby park where you can set up a light lunch under one of the shelters.

With the help of your friendly support worker, your holiday period can be so much more fun and enjoyable.

The Mable Team would like to wish you a safe, happy holiday season and a bright New Year.

Now is an excellent time to search the profiles of independent support workers to find an extra person you might want to connect with and add to your team.

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