What does the response status mean on Independent Support Worker profiles?

At Mable, we are always trying to improve your experience with the platform. We have introduced the response status feature to help you make a more informed decision around whom you’d like to message. An independent support worker whose status is shown as ‘very responsive’ is one who can be relied upon to communicate promptly. It also shows that they’re very active in the Mable community.

The response status is one of the many things for you to consider when looking for an independent support worker. Others include how well suited you are to each other, their hourly rates, availability, qualifications, compatible interests and so on.

What does being ‘Very responsive’ mean?

Independent support workers who typically respond promptly to most messages are awarded the ‘Very responsive’ status to display on their profile. It means you can likely count on them to be prompt in responding to messages and usually means they are available for work.

What is ‘response speed’?

This is the average time it takes an independent support worker to respond to a message. It’s shown on profiles as ‘Typically replies within …’ and the amount of time such as 24 hours, 2 days, etc.

If you don’t see a ‘response speed’ displayed on an independent worker’s profile, it could mean that they are new to the Mable community or that they are very busy with their Mable work.

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