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How to split your job between your support team on Mable

Building independent support worker teams on Mable is a great way for clients to ensure support continuity.

By having multiple workers on your team, you’re more likely to continue receiving support in case any of your workers are unavailable.

If your goals and needs are diverse, building a support team also eases the pressure of finding one support worker to cover everything. Job splitting is ideal to finding more workers to cover what you’re looking for.

Mable makes it easy for you to build your team with our Job Splitting option.

How to split jobs on Mable

Once you’ve logged into your Mable account, visit the Jobs section and select the Standard job option.

You’ll be asked when posting a job about how many support hours per week and estimated total hours per week you want.

Choose weekly support sessions, estimated hours

We’ll ask you about splitting your job if it has at least:

  • three weekly sessions, or
  • three services needed, or
  • nine estimated total weekly hours.
Checkbox splits job among multiple workers.

By selecting this box, we’ll let workers know you’re happy to split this job between multiple workers.

This means more workers could be available for you to choose from, meaning you increase your chances of receiving support even if one of your workers is unavailable.

Splitting your job also means workers may be more likely to apply if their skills meet part of – but not all – your job’s requirements.

Selecting Learn more about how to split a job will show further details on how this works.

An example of how you can choose to split a job by hours or services on Mable.

Once you have selected job splitting, your job post will be updated to show your willingness to split work.

Job post offers splitting options after selection.

This option is displayed when at least one of the following applies for your job:

  • You have selected three or more services to be performed.
  • You have indicated you need 9 or more hours per week of support.
  • You have indicated you need three or more sessions of support per week.