Mable In-App Calls

As part of Mable’s ongoing commitment to privacy protection, we have introduced a new in-app call feature for clients and Independent Support Workers. 

By selecting our in-app call feature, you do not need to share your own phone number when making a voice call through the Mable app.

This feature is perfect for those who prefer keeping their phone number to themselves, especially during the ‘meet and greet’ phase. Your voice call will be delivered through the Mable platform instead of a usual phone call, meaning your phone number will not be revealed.

Mable in-app calls are free of charge and can be made by tapping on the phone icon (phone-icon) in the top right corner of your message history. This icon will only become available after people have sent at least one message to each other within the Mable app.

For example, Mable client Catalina has connected with Independent Support Worker Elsie, and would like to create a meet and greet over the phone to learn more before making a booking.

Catalina connects with Elsie for phone meet before booking.

Because both Catalina and Elsie have sent at least one message, Mable’s in-app call feature is now available.

Catalina taps the phone icon, and the call begins.


Elsie accepts the call, and the meet and greet takes place without Catalina needing to share her phone number.

The in-app call feature is available now.

Common Questions

This feature has a maximum calling limit of three times in two minutes. After that, you will be placed on a 15-minute hold to allow the other person time to return your phone call. The temporary phone numbers expire after a call finishes.

No. There needs to be at least one message sent by each person in the conversation.

You may block a person’s ability to call you, block them entirely from communicating with you within Mable or block and report them for excessive calling if necessary.