How do I complete my tax return?

As you are an independent worker, here’s what you should know about tax, super and insurances. You are responsible for paying your own tax and setting aside money for superannuation.
You can find a record of all the income you have earned from clients who engaged you via the Mable platform on your timesheet page, billing page or bank statement (login and access your profile). It’s important that you declare this income correctly on your tax return.
If you are in an employment relationship with your client, the Mable platform withholds PAYG tax and generates a group certificate which you can use to complete your tax return. For details please contact us on 1300 73 65 73.
Through our partnership with PwC, we are pleased to offer Airtax to Mable workers, a simple and affordable solution for managing your tax affairs. You can submit your annual income tax return in 15 minutes and book a call with a PwC accountant through Lodgement Assist.
Airtax is available on web, as well as iOS app so you can do your tax anytime, anywhere.
NOTE: If you are an independent care worker operating a business on the Mable platform, an ABN is required on invoices we issue for any clients you work with who have government funding. Your ABN should be in your name (or in a business name registered under your name). Independent means you are not a partner, employee, independent contractor or agent of Mable.
Everyone’s circumstances are different, so if you aren’t sure what to do we recommend you get advice from an accountant. Contact Pharus Advisory Group at