Aged Care: My package provider says that if we want to go with Mable the staff member will have to sign a sub-contract agreement with them. Is that true?

For some providers, they are developing a new approach. They’re all interpreting a new way to meet government standards and meet consumers’ right to choose. Some are more progressive in thinking through those issues and others are stuck in the old world. There are a lot of shifts going on. Some providers will allow their clients to use Mable on an understanding of how the platform works. Others have additional checks they’d like to put in place and we have had providers who wanted to enter an agreement. Some providers have a standard sub-contracting agreement that they might put in place with another organisation that’s 20 pages long. Other have a short two-page contract they’d like to enter into. There is no one answer. We are happy to speak to providers to talk to them about what they’re doing. Providers are often coming up with solutions that might work for their clients. There might be some scope for us to have some discussions with providers that might be in question.
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