What all clients should know about ‘guide rates’ on Mable

Choosing your support through Mable – whether it be aged care or disability support – comes with so many benefits. One of them is that you and your support worker can mutually agree on a payment rate that suits you both.

Finding the right support worker

Before you start messaging a support worker, you’ll need to review their profile to decide whether they’re the right support worker for you. As a person seeking reliable, quality support, you probably have a rough idea about how much you’d like to pay for a support worker’s services. At Mable, we make your decision-making process simple: each worker has ‘guide rates’ for weekday, weekend and 24-hour shifts.

What are guide rates?

Guide rates are indicative rates that individual support workers provide on their profiles. These rates may not always be the exact rates your worker will charge. Guide rates are provided so you can make an informed decision about which support worker is right for you.

Once you’ve started messaging an independent support worker on Mable, you’ll start discussing details of your support, contact information and payment rates. When you start discussing payment rates, it’s important you let your potential support worker know how much you’re comfortable paying.Many support workers on Mable are happy to agree to a payment rate that works for both of you. If a worker isn’t comfortable altering their rate to suit you, you can always continue contacting other workers on the platform.

Workers who offer social support and domestic assistance and personal care usually set guide rates anywhere between $25-$40 per hour on weekdays and $35-$50 on weekends, while workers with experience in nursing services set guide rates between $40-50 per hour on weekdays and $45-$60 on weekends. Independent, qualified health professionals such as psychologists, physiotherapists or speech pathologists on Mable will set guide rates anywhere between $90-$150 per hour.

Mable offers support that can fit your schedule, and most importantly, your lifestyle. If you’re searching for disability support or aged care for yourself or a loved one, you can connect with independent support workers on our safeguarded platform.