What all clients should know about ‘indicative rates’ on a support worker’s profile

Choosing your support through Mable – whether it be aged care or disability support – comes with so many benefits. One of them is that you and your independent support worker can mutually agree on a payment rate that suits you both.

Finding the right support worker

Before you start messaging independent support workers, you’ll need to review their profile to decide whether they’re the right support worker for you. As a person seeking reliable, quality support, you probably have a rough idea about the type of support you need, who might be a good fit for you, and your budget or funding package. At Mable, we make your decision-making process easier: each worker has the ability to add ‘indicative rates’ on their profile for weekday, weekend and 24-hour shifts.

What are indicative rates?

Indicative rates provide a pricing rates guide to potential clients to help you understand what might be possible with your funding, and make an informed and fair decision about who you may engage.

These rates may take into account a worker’s experience, qualifications, other skills (such as languages), ratings and reviews from their other clients and the services they offer.

These rates may not always be the rates you agree with each individual support worker.

Once you’ve started messaging an independent support worker on Mable, you’ll start discussing details of your support needs, preferences, preferred schedule and potential costs of support.

During this discussion, you and your support worker might suggest raising or lowering this rate or rates based on various factors including the complexity of the services (e.g. they might be highly qualified but you only require companionship), travel time, travel and other expenses they might incur, the length of the support session and whether it’s a one off or ongoing engagement.

Social support and domestic assistance

Workers who provide social support and domestic assistance usually lend a hand around the house and garden, help with shopping and offer companionship or support with outings. Providing these services does not necessarily require experience, but is a vital service to many clients.

The average rate that support workers are offering these services is in the range of:

  • $45 to $55 per hour on weekdays 
  • $53 to $78 per hour on weekends.

Personal care

Workers offering personal care services usually involves assisting a client with their personal hygiene, medication assistance and preparing meals in their home. The average rate that support workers are offering these services on Mable is in the range of:

  • $48 to $58 per hour on weekdays 
  • $58 to $83 per hour on weekends.

Disclaimer: Please note the average rate ranges displayed above are indicative only and are based on an Australia-wide average. Rate ranges can differ, depending on which area support workers are providing support in and their level of experience.

Mable enables you to find support that can fit your schedule, and most importantly, your lifestyle. If you’re searching for disability support or aged care for yourself or a loved one, you can connect with independent support workers on our safeguarded platform.

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