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Travel Rates: How to invoice per kilometre travel on Mable

Travel is often part of the service you provide as an independent support worker, and Mable makes it simple for you to invoice your travel per kilometre (Travel Rates). 

You cannot submit Travel Rates on their own, they must be invoiced with support hours. Travel Rates must also be approved by your client in your service agreement prior to the beginning of the relevant support session.

How to invoice per kilometre travel rates on Mable

Log in

Begin by logging into your Mable account.

Mable dashboard

To add a travel rate to an existing service agreement with a client you will need to amend your agreement by  selecting your agreement from the My Clients tab on the browser (or the Agreements tab on the app).

On the service agreement form, scroll down to the Travel rates section.

To add a rate for travel costs per kilometre, select the checkbox and enter your travel rate. Please note the travel rate is capped at $2.76 per kilometre on Mable as per the guidance provided in the NDIS 2022-23 Price Guide.

For the rate to be invoiced, it must be agreed upon by your client. Select the Offer Agreement button to propose your travel rate to your client. You cannot invoice a client for your travel rate without an agreement.

You’ll receive confirmation when your client agrees to the rate as part of your agreement.

Once your client agrees to the rate, travel is added as an option when submitting your support hours for payment.

You can also view your submitted travel rates in the Support Hours section from the Mable dashboard.

All support sessions with travel rates agreed upon will also be viewable in your support session records.


The travel rate option is available for clients with a HCP, NDIS funding or for those paying privately for their support through Mable.

In some circumstances, a client’s funding source may not allow you to put in a separate travel rate in a service agreement.

Yes, the travel rate is capped at $2.76 per kilometre as per the NDIS 2022-23 Price Guide.

The NDIS recommends the price guide to be:

  • For a vehicle that is not modified for accessibility, up to $0.97 a kilometre
  • For a vehicle that is modified for accessibility or a bus, up to $2.76 a kilometre

No, they can only be submitted with support hours.

No. Per kilometre amounts are expenses and do not incur Mable fees.

Yes, if they meet the eligibility criteria.

No. You may only add one travel rate per agreement.

No, travel rates only apply if you have them in your agreement prior to the support session.

No. Support hours and travel rates can only be approved or rejected together.

If you experience any concerns about this, please call us on 1300 73 65 73.