Do I need NDIS funding to get support?

Last updated 1 March 2023

According to the 2021-22 quarterly report released by the NDIA, just over 518,000 Australians are receiving NDIS funding. There are more than 4.4 million Australians are living with disability, so only about 12 percent of these are eligible for access NDIS funding packages.

For people who are not eligible for NDIS funding, Mable can be a flexible, affordable support option.

Mable offers a variety of support services to those seeking it – regardless of whether the government provides them funding to help manage their disability.

How Mable can help you

Mable is home to a community of more than 11,000 support workers with varying levels of support services and qualifications – all of which you can see on each workers’ profile. Whether you’re looking for support to get out and about, want a hand around the house and garden, or assistance with personal matters, you can access it all on Mable.

Every support worker on Mable is an independent contractor – that means they set their own payment rates, are motivated to connect with clients in their area and are effectively creating their own support business.

If you aren’t eligible for NDIS funding, you can still connect, schedule and pay your supports all in one place – the Mable platform.

What are the benefits of paying privately for disability support?

Mable allows you to pay directly for the support you receive through our platform. Because payments are processed online, there’s less reason to worry about where, how and when your worker will receive their payment.

At Mable, we want each person to enjoy the experience of living independently and accessing support whenever they require it. Paying privately for support means you can maximise your independence by directly connecting with workers and letting them know exactly what kind of support you require.

Even if you don’t receive NDIS funding, you can discover quality, flexible, affordable support from motivated workers in your local area. Search for workers in your community or sign up for free today to start directly connecting with workers.


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