How Mable can provide you with comfort about the safety of your loved ones

An older woman smiling while sitting outdoors.

In the wake of the Aged Care Royal Commission, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day this year is in the spotlight more than ever. According to The Guardian, as many as 185,000 Australians could be experiencing some kind of elder abuse nationally each year. For people looking for aged care options for a loved one, their safety, wellbeing and quality of life are front of mind. Here, we take a look at how engaging independent support workers via Mable could help give you peace of mind.

In 2018, the ABC’s Four Corner’s program investigated issues within Australia’s aged care industry, returning with distressing stories of neglect and abuse. It was their biggest crowd-funded story ever, with over four thousand members of the public – family members, staff and residents – returning with stories to tell. According to the World Health Organisation, Elder abuse can be defined as a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, causing harm or distress to an older person. It takes place within a relationship where there is an expectation of trust and can take various forms such as physical, psychological or emotional, sexual and financial abuse. It can also be the result of intentional or unintentional neglect.

Those working within the industry will tell of dedicated, compassionate aged care staff who are simply unable to provide the quality support that they would like to, due to the time pressures of the job. Mable’s marketplace provides a venue for independent support workers to offer their services directly to clients. It’s a model that gives workers the freedom to provide the quality of care they would like, and clients the peace of mind that their loved ones are in safe hands. Here’s why.

You choose who comes into your home

Many ageing Australians are fearful of aged care because of the uncertainty. Not knowing who is coming to your home to provide you with intimate services can be uncomfortable for the care recipient and their family. With Mable, you’re finding and selecting support workers yourself. Many also offer a free meet and greet session so you can get to know them before you engage them.

You can choose your support workers based on the reviews of other consumers

The Mable platform allows you to read reviews and ratings of support workers from other clients who have used the platform. That means you’re getting access to an established referral network of independent support workers – and can take comfort in hearing about the positive experiences other clients have had working with them.

You can tailor the type of support to the interests, needs and goals of your loved one

Having one (or a team) of dedicated support workers who are focused entirely on your loved one enables true person-centred care. That means your family can make decisions about care that focus on the needs of the whole person. Wellbeing of someone who is ageing is just as much about their emotional well-being as much as their physical wellbeing.

Mable gives you the flexibility to create a support team that can support you in many different ways. Having a regular support team of independent workers via Mable providing your care also assists to prevent and perhaps recognise signs of elder abuse as isolation and undue influence is minimised by the provision of regular care and support. Distress or changes in behaviour of an older person will be noted by support workers and can be reported.

You can engage companions for loved ones in residential care

As Home Care Package waiting lists continues to grow, the Royal Commission has also heard stories of people without another option moving into residential care prematurely. Even for those who are in a residential facility, staff are unable to take the time to provide simple companionship. It is in these instances that neglect by way of inattention and loneliness can occur. Many independent support workers on Mable are engaged to provide this companionship and personal attention to those already living within a residential facility. Importantly, you can also choose someone who shares a common interest with your loved one, or if needed, someone who specialises in dementia care.

There are no commitments

Unlike traditional models of support, Mable is flexible. As you are engaging support workers directly, you also have the freedom to end the relationship when it suits you. If you have started working with a particular support worker, but decided that the match is not quite right, you can engage someone else next time.

You can ensure continuity of support

Issues may arise when support workers are not able to communicate effectively about the needs of a client – particularly if that client is unable to communicate themselves. With Mable, you can ensure that the same people are looking after your loved one daily. You can work with your chosen support workers to develop effective routines and strategies to focus on the long-term health of your loved one.

More of your money goes directly towards support

So many stories of the needs of older Australians not being met emerge from a situation where caregivers do not have the time or resources to provide appropriate care. When you’re engaging support directly, you pay lower fees, so more of your resources go directly to hours of support. You only pay for the hours you receive, at a price agreed between you and your support workers. That means whether you’re paying privately or with government funding, your money goes further.

Find out more about how you can use your Home Care Package funding to engage support directly via the Mable platform.

For more information about Elder Abuse, please contact the relevant representative for your state or territory below:

  • Australian Capital Territory – Older Persons Abuse Prevention Referral and Information Line (APRIL) – 02 6205 3535
  • New South Wales – NSW Ageing and Disability Abuse Helpline – 1800 628 221
  • Northern Territory – Elder Abuse Information Line – 1800 037 072
  • Queensland – Elder Abuse Prevention Unit – 1300 651 192
  • South Australia – Aged Rights Advocacy Service – 08 8232 5377
  • Elder Abuse Phone line – 1800 372 310
  • Tasmania – Tasmanian Elder Abuse Helpline – 1800 441 169
  • Victoria – Seniors Rights Victoria – 1300 368 821
  • Western Australia – Elder Abuse Helpline – 1300 724 679