Moments with Mable: meet Doug and Pam

Mable client Doug sits on a couch.

We’re proud to bring you the next in our series of Moments with Mable, where we showcase just some of the many thousand connections that are made on the Mable platform every day.

It was the Family History Society in Brisbane that originally brought Pam and Doug together. They connected over an interest in history, working together to compile Doug’s family archives to create a history book about the Battle of the SMS Emden.

For Pam, what started as a hobby turned into a job opportunity as Doug invited her to join the Mable platform as an independent support worker and continue working with him on the project.

Pam is one of a team of independent support workers who now support Doug via Mable. In Doug’s words, their unique connection is a perfect example of how Mable enables him to “Choose who comes into your life, what you do and how you do it.”