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Why Lisa moved to support work after 25 years in hairdressing

On Mable, there are thousands of independent support workers offering services to clients in innovative, creative and inspiring ways. We recently spoke to independent support worker Lisa to find out why she made the switch from a 25 year career in hairdressing to support work. We also talked about the surprising similarities between the two careers!

Meet Lisa

Lisa grew up in a small hobby farm an hour east of Melbourne. In her spare time she enjoys upcycling old furniture, cooking in the kitchen, going camping, and hanging out with her family and nieces.

From hairdresser to support worker

Deciding that school wasn’t for her, Lisa left when she was 16 and was a qualified hairdresser by 18. She immediately loved it! When she had her first daughter, she enjoyed the flexibility of running her own home based salon, which gave her the ability to juggle the responsibilities of being a single parent and also sole breadwinner.

Although enjoying her career in hairdressing, after 25 years, Lisa decided that it was time for a career change:“I found the last few years hard on my body and I also was feeling a little isolated working from home and not enjoying it as much. I needed a change in my life.”

Initially, Lisa found it difficult to decide what she wanted to do instead of hairdressing: “It took me so long to decide what I wanted to do and how to even start to change my career and passion in life because hairdressing was all I knew from the age of 16.”

However, Lisa knew what her passions were, and wanted a new career where her passions could be used: “ I knew I loved people and I found that I did a lot of psychology in the salon with clients…I wanted to do something that would give me as much joy and job satisfaction”. 

Lisa eventually decided to enrol in a Cert III in Individual Support and quickly fell in love with it: 

“Once I started, I pretty much knew after one month that I had found my new passion in life. I loved the study and I surprised myself at how well I went and when it came to do placement, I absolutely loved it.  I just couldn’t wait to get started to be able to meet new people and be able to support them in whatever they needed me to.”

A second career in support

Lisa heard about Mable from a number of friends and decided to give it a go herself: Since signing up to Mable, Lisa says that she is “absolutely loving it”. She enjoys being her own boss and running her own small business, and has had a number of memorable shifts on the platform already:  “Recently I had a shift where I met a young lady who just wanted a companion and someone to support her with mental health. We had an awesome time together.”

Some surprising similarities

In her new career, Lisa has found a surprising number of similarities between support work and hairdressing, saying that both roles are alike in that both roles involve “caring for people, being a listening ear, giving sound advice and sharing experiences.” Lisa says that both roles also feature “job satisfaction” and an “overall feeling of making people happy” 

Lisa is excited as to what the future on Mable will bring, saying: “I am looking forward to meeting more and more clients, and supporting them.”

If you would like to find out more about Lisa, sign up to the Mable platform for free and visit her profile here. Or start searching to see who’s offering support in your area.

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