The Mable Team’s top tips to make the most of the Mable platform


The Mable Team’s top tips to make the most of the Mable platform

We sat down with Richy from our Enterprise Team, as he shares his top tips on how you can make the most of the Mable platform.

Richy and his team work with support coordinators, case managers, disability service managers, care partners and more to provide support through their journey with Mable. 

Richy’s been working with Mable since February 2020, and is our Coordinator Team Leader & Organisation Account Manager. He also speaks four languages and isn’t a fan of coriander! 

After working with Mable for many years, he has some top tips to make the most of the Mable platform.

Use the success you have with your existing clients as a foundation for your future clients

Your existing clients are a great base to build your client pool. 

Show prospective clients what success can look like on the Mable platform through testimonials, organisational-level agreements, and usage.

Make the most of the features on the platform

The Mable platform is equipped with many tools and features designed for you to easily manage support for your clients. 

One of Richy’s favourite features is the ‘Invite workers’ feature, which allows you to bring a worker you already have a relationship with onto the platform. 

Richy also recommends utilising the filters on the ‘Search worker’ function. These filters allow you to refine their search by specifying:

  • The type of support you’re looking for
  • The support worker’s availability
  • Additional filters such as gender preference, language, cultural background and hobbies.

Don’t forget about your account manager!

You have a dedicated account manager that is always here to assist if you have any questions, queries or are in need of assistance.

Account managers can support you with:

  • Adding clients
  • Searching for supports
  • Posting job ads
  • Bulk messaging support workers
  • Service agreements
  • Accessing compliance.

Stay in the loop

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If you’d like to reach out to your dedicated account manager, or have any questions for Richy or our team, email or call 1300 73 65 73 (Option 3).