NDIS Support Coordinators and Aged Care Managers

Meet your support team at Mable

Last updated 21 August 2023

At Mable, we recognise the important role case managers and support coordinators play in managing support for their clients, whether they are older Australians or people with disability. 

Mable is an online platform that supports coordinators so they can find the best fit for their clients from thousands of verified independent support workers, who offer a diverse range of support services.

How coordinators use Mable

Coordinators can search for support workers in their client’s local area or post a job ad on Mable. They can then shortlist workers and message them to discuss the services, negotiate rates and create an agreement with the worker to start the client’s support sessions — all done through the Mable platform.

Mable provides coordinators with tools and features on the platform so support coordinators and care managers can easily manage support for their clients.

Meet the Enterprise team

The Enterprise Team at Mable is the dedicated sector-focused team for aged care and disability providers and support coordinators and care managers. The team comprises a Relationship Management Team and an Account Management team. Both teams provide specialist support. 

The Relationship Management Team will help your organisation understand how the Mable platform works. This includes our layered approach to safeguarding and unique product features that support you to meet your regulatory and compliance requirements. 

This team will work with you to understand your needs and the needs of your clients to set you up for success by supporting you with:

  • Compliance, Trust and Safety
  • Procurement 
  • Legal
  • Finance 
  • Team Training. 

The  Account Management Team: Individual coordinators and care managers receive a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will help with all aspects of your Mable journey, whether it’s a refresher training course or help finding the perfect match.

This includes: 

  • Adding clients 
  • Searching for supports 
  • Posting job ads 
  • Bulk messaging support workers 
  • Service agreements 
  • Accessing support notes.

You can contact the team via email and phone. 

Email: coordinator@mable.com.au

Phone: 1300 73 65 73 (Option 3)

No, Mable is not a traditional registered support agency. Mable is not a home care package provider nor a registered NDIS provider.

Mable does not provide support. It is an online platform that connects people looking for aged or disability support, with independent support workers. 

Mable is not an employer. All support workers on the platform are independent contractors who manage their own small business through the platform.

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