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Meet Shane, independent worker on Mable!

We talked to Mable worker, Shane, who is juggling a full-time role in aged care and a young family to do what he enjoys best: spending time with clients.

“I’ve worked in aged care for the past five years. I’m now in a management role so I joined Mable for some extra income and to spend more time face to face with people. I heard about Mable at a community talk and thought, “Why not give it a go?”

I have a few regular clients. For some, I offer social support. Last week, I went with a client on a walk, talk and a coffee stopover and I just listened while she reminisced about her life. She got a lot of joy out of connecting.

I like hearing and learning from people about their life and history. It really has shaped who I am today. I’ve developed a very meaningful relationship with these clients. It’s something that’s close to my heart.

I also have younger clients whose parents and carers teach me so much about their experience of autism, their triggers and how to engage with them. I just try to build rapport and be present. One client likes to play with Thomas the Tank Engine so we’ll talk about the different characters. Another family came up from Canberra and I kept their 10-year old boy company so they could enjoy the football.

My particular passion is helping seniors with technology, showing them how to navigate their devices. When I was funded to do it, I ran sessions in retirement villages, teaching the basic use of computers, how to read email, how to use a mouse, things we take for granted.

I find the Mable platform incredibly easy to use. It’s simple and intuitive, and I enjoy that I can manage my own schedule.

I’ve found that when clients choose me, the fit is much better and I can develop a relationship with their families as well. My advice to workers is, always offer a free hour to meet the client you want to support as well as their carer or family.

I like that you’re an independent worker and you’re independently reviewed and there’s this transparency. It makes me decide that I’m really going to challenge myself – I’m going to go the extra mile.”

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