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How Josh is working with his support workers to achieve his goals

Josh is an energetic seven-year-old boy, who loves the outdoors, especially swings and climbing equipment just as much as he enjoys lego, crafts and baking.

Sarah with her two boys
Sarah with her two boys

Josh has ADHD, ASD and ADD. He also has anxiety and some sensory needs. “Josh can speak very well. Sometimes, though, he gets overwhelmed easily and it can become challenging for him to express his feelings and needs in those moments,” says Sarah.

“Social participation can get tricky, so joining in play, taking turns and sharing ideas is a work in progress for him,” she adds.

It’s why having calming, supportive adults who understand him is so important for Josh. They can validate how he feels and keep him safe, says Sarah. “At the end of the day, Josh just wants to be loved, included and feel connected.”

For Sarah and her two boys (Josh’s older brother), finding was a big step towards a better quality of life. “As a single parent, you want someone you can trust. And that instant connection is so important. Children are receptive to parents’ feelings, so I had to be as comfortable as him,” she says.

Sarah found it particularly helpful that the support workers she found through Mable didn’t charge for the ‘meet and greet’. “Funding for children with disability is so tight now, so every dollar counts, especially for therapy. Mable understands that.”

Sarah is extremely happy with Josh’s support worker, Linda*. “She helps us with pick-ups and drop offs, she patiently follows Josh’s routine and the strategies I’ve shared to support his learning. I can take a step back knowing my son is developing a connection with another adult.”

Sarah highlights the importance of ‘support notes’ that Josh’s support worker  writes after each session when submitting a support session on Mable. “I can share these notes with therapists to further support my son’s intervention. I feel at ease knowing my son is working closer to achieving some goals.” 

For those seeking support, Sarah advises, “Reach out and make that first call, even though it seems hard. Mable made it easy and comfortable for me. With them, I didn’t speak to a different person every time, it was familiar team members who understood what I needed. That makes a big difference.”

She adds, “Another piece of advice I’d give is: Advocate for your child as much as you can. Find what works for your family. Give Mable a go and talk to them about what you need, they will work around you.”

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*Name changed to protect privacy

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