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Adding available suburbs to your Mable profile

The video below explains how to update your profile to get more jobs, including setting and updating your location preferences. Read more about changing your available suburbs below.

Your availability by suburb is an important aspect of your profile because it is a client’s first option to filter for in their worker searches on Mable.
As an independent support worker on Mable, you can adjust the suburbs you’re available to work in anytime.
To give yourself the best chance to grow your business on Mable, it’s important to ensure your available suburbs are up-to-date. This also helps avoid potentially disappointed clients if you cannot work in a suburb you’re listed as available.
Step one: Log into your Mable account.
Step two: Select the edit profile option from the dashboard’s menu.
Select edit profile from the Mable dashboard's menu.
Step three: Select rates and availability.
Select rates and availability from the menu.
Step four: Scroll down to find the locations section, where you can enter a suburb or postcode you wish to show clients you’re available to work in on Mable. You can also remove any existing suburbs. Please note the more locations entered, the more likely potential clients can find you.
Edit your available suburbs on Mable.
Remember to think about your travel requirements when setting your hourly rates. If you need to travel long distances to work with a particular client, you can consider asking for a slightly higher rate to take into account any travel expenses.