How do I send an offer?

After speaking with your client, you may come to an agreement about the services you are going to offer and the rates you are going to charge. In order to formalise the agreement made with your client, you will need to send an offer in the system.

Step one: Log into ‘‘.
Step two: Click ‘inbox’ and select the conversation with your client.
Step three: You will need to click the orange ‘offer an agreement’ button.
Step four: This will open up a form where you can indicate the rates you have agreed with your clients and to also specify the services you are offering and anything else that is important, such as what equipment should be present or what your cancellation terms are.
Step five: Once completing your ‘offer’ form – click ‘save and send agreement.’ This will be sent to your client for approval – they have the option to accept or reject your offer.
Step six: Once your client has accepted your offer, you will receive an email notifying you of this as well as a notification via the Mable platform.
Step seven: If you wish to edit your offer, click ‘amend agreement’.