What clients need to know about service agreements on Mable

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Once you have connected with a support worker on Mable, and mutually agreed upon the rates, services and schedule, the next step is to accept the service agreement that the support worker sends you. But what is a service agreement and what all should it include?

What is a service agreement on Mable?

An agreement is a document that outlines the terms relating to the support services, the rates of that service and the schedule of the support agreed upon mutually by you and your support worker.

Your support worker will send you the agreement for you to review and accept. When they do so, you will receive a notification. To view the agreement and accept (or reject if you disagree with any of the terms in the agreement), login to your Mable account, go to your inbox and open the conversation with the support worker who has sent you the agreement.

It’s very important you message within the platform for your safety, and to ensure insurance coverage is provided.

The agreement must be accepted before the support worker can begin working. If an agreement has not been sent and accepted, the support worker is not covered by insurance for any work that they do.

What should a service agreement include?

An agreement should include:

  • Where the support services will occur
  • When the services will occur (time, days)
  • What types of support you will be receiving
  • The agreed hourly or flat rates for the support services, including rates for public holidays
  • What kind of activities the support worker will be helping you complete
  • Terms pertaining to minimum hours per support session, cancellation policy, policy on finishing early or late, etc.
  • Terms on when the agreement may be changed, updated or terminated and what happens in each case
  • Terms related to feedback and complaints and how they should be handled.

What happens after I’ve accepted the service agreement?

Once you have made an agreement through the Mable platform, your support worker is immediately covered by a high-level suite of insurance policies for any support hours worked under the agreement. By agreeing to our terms and conditions as a user of Mable, you and your support worker will be covered by these policies. Please note that clients or support workers aren’t covered for work arranged or invoiced outside the Mable platform.

Keeping track of your support and payments

We let you keep track of every completed support session. On your Mable account, you can review all your received services by selecting ‘Support Hours’ on the left menu.

Here you can see the hours worked and specific support notes outlining these services. Your support worker will create these support notes and other details, and all you have to do is review and approve it within 24 hours for the timesheet to be invoiced and the support worker to receive payment.

How your support worker gets paid following a support session

After accepting the agreement, your support worker will start the support sessions. After the first support session, the support worker will submit a timesheet for your approval via the Mable platform. From here onwards, you need to follow a series of steps to view and approve your support worker’s hours, so that their payment can be processed.


Mable provides a suite of insurances on behalf of support workers on Mable, protecting both you and your support worker for every support session logged and invoiced via Mable.

In order for this insurance cover to apply, you need to ensure:

  • You approve the agreement
  • Your support worker has logged their support following the support session
  • You have approved your support worker’s support notes hours.

As long as you follow the above processes, all services invoiced through Mable are automatically covered by insurance.

You will not be able to accept an agreement until you have completed your profile on Mable, including emergency contact information and payment details. This is to protect both clients and support workers.

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