How do I manage my support hours on Mable?

After a support worker completes a session for you, they will submit a timesheet for your approval via the Mable platform. The steps below provide instructions on how to view and approve your support worker’s hours.

Step 1: When your support worker submits their hours you’ll receive an email to notify you of this. Log in to your account on to view their support hours.

Step 2: On your dashboard, select ‘support hours’ – you’ll see that session submitted by your support worker is pending your approval.

Step 3: Select ‘view’ to see the details of the session including start time, end time, the calculation and any support  notes completed by the support worker.

Step 4: Once you’ve reviewed the hours, you can either ‘approve’ or ‘reject’ the session. If you ‘approve’ the session  then you’ll be charged via your selected payment source. If you ‘reject’ the session, the worker will be notified of this. You’ll then be able to discuss with them why you have rejected the session and ask them to resubmit once amended.

Step 5: If you ‘approve’ the session, it will appear under ‘approved sessions’ and will show as payment pending. Once Mable has collected payment from your payment source for this session – whether by credit card, direct debit or, for organisations, payment of the support  worker’s invoice – then payment will be forwarded to the worker. Once payment has been made, it will show as ‘paid’ on both your and the worker’s support hours.

Step 6: You can view the support  notes at any time as well as the invoice associated with the session. It’s important to remember that you have 24 hours to approve or reject the session. If you don’t do anything within the 24 hour period, it will be automatically approved, so that the worker can be paid.

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