What does support on Mable look like? Get inspired by our favourite requests of the week



What does support on Mable look like? Get inspired by our favourite requests of the week

Here at Mable, support comes in many different forms. You might have noticed this if you’ve seen the Mable requests of the week. Each Friday we take a look at the jobs that have been posted on the Mable jobs board and select one to provide a snapshot of what support on Mable can look like.

We think it’s pretty special each and every time a new connection is enabled via the platform. A great match is when two people find common ground and build a relationship that supports clients in their day to day lives. It’s also when a client finds someone to provide the support they need to pursue their passions, or try something new. 

From the unusual to the ordinary and everything in between, here’s a collection of six of our latest favourite requests of the week.

1. Client looking for an independent worker to help their daughter develop independence. Seeking someone who can provide support and encouragement as she builds confidence on public transport, looking for a first job and prepares to take her learner’s driving test.

2. A client looking for an independent worker who can assist with personal care, as well as help maintain their garden and outdoor space. A green thumb would ideally be accompanied by a love of cats as they’re also seeking support to maintain Ziggy the long-haired feline.

3. A client seeking a fellow Belieber (i.e. Huge Justin Bieber fan) who likes to have fun, is into all things LEGO and loves going to the library.

4. Parents looking for a support worker to help their son develop his scooter-riding skills and learn practical and important road safety when riding.

5. A client looking for a support worker to accompany their mum to her leather-working class. A love of knitting is listed as a huge plus!

6. An independent worker with a flair for words to work with a client in Victoria who is looking for someone to help them edit their poetry book.

Connect and engage with the right support for you on Mable

There’s more than one way to connect and engage with the right independent worker on Mable. It’s free to sign up, but even before you do, you have the ability to search for independent workers in your area. You can use the search filters to select things that are important to you. From language to skills, work experience, hobbies and interests, search filters allow you to find the most suitable workers in your vicinity.

Once you’ve found a support worker, you can reach out and connect with them on the Mable platform. If you’re looking for something really specific, you can also post a job which is sent out to all independent workers in your area .