How Mable helps Anne live at home for longer


How Mable helps Anne live at home for longer

Meet Margaret and Anne, a client-support worker duo. Through the support Anne receives from Margaret, she’s able to stay independent and in her home longer.

Independence is very important to Anne. “I wanted to maintain my independence,” says Anne. “But I had to realise that some things I just wasn’t able to do.”

“I need extra support. Not to take over, just to be there to support me with the things that I need help with in order to stay independent.”

So Anne decided to use Mable and found Margaret.

“I saw Maragret’s profile and the fact that she had been a clinical nurse.” Margaret’s background as a nurse was appealing to Anne, as she used to work as a nurse herself. Having this common ground allowed Anne and Margaret to bond. “We talk a lot about our nursing careers”, says Anne.

For Margaret, support work appealed to her after she decided to retire from nursing. “Previously I was a nurse and I worked in a very busy Sydney hospital.” Margaret says.

Once she retired, she felt like she had a bit more to give to her community, and became a support worker on Mable. “Working on the Mable platform as a support worker allows me to provide holistic care for my clients – I can consider every aspect of what they require during their care.”

Margaret recommends Mable to other nurses, “I’m enjoying my semi-retirement and I very much would recommend it to other retired nurses, particularly if they feel inclined to be able to use the skills they still have.”

Like many older Australians, Anne wants to stay in her own home for as long as possible. “I have no intentions of going to an aged place. My intention is to stay home as absolutely long as I can. It’s very important to me” she says.

Through Mable and the support Anne receives from Maragret, she’s able to maintain her independence, and live the life she wants to lead.