Welcome to Mable, our new brand


Welcome to Mable, our new brand

Welcome to Mable, formerly known as Better Caring.

On behalf of our team, I’d like to thank you for taking a moment to learn more about our bold move to rebrand.

In 2014, Tony Charara and I founded Mable after recognising a need in community aged care to put consumers and workers at the centre of each support journey. Not long after launching our safeguarded online marketplace, people living with a disability began using our platform to assemble their own teams of support, which reflected their unique needs and preferences. The feedback from both sectors was overwhelmingly positive. We’ve grown significantly over the past four years, and along the way we’ve had lots of opportunity to listen to valuable feedback from our ever-growing community of clients and support workers.

While people told us they love what we do and what we stand for, not everyone loved our name. Many people don’t identify with a need to be ‘cared for’, but rather, look for support to enable them to live independently. Similarly, many don’t find the word ‘care’ to be empowering. We also heard from people that our name didn’t reflect our role of being an innovator that puts people at the centre of their support decisions. Rather, we sounded and looked more like a traditional care provider. We wanted a brand and a name that truly reflected our entire community in a warm and memorable way. We knew it was time to make a brave change!

Our new name, Mable, recognises the freedom of choice and control that our platform enables. It’s inspired by the first-person expression of what someone is able to do using our platform: “I’m able to…”.

For example:

“With Mable, I’m able to choose the services I want, from whom, when and at what price”

“With Mable, I’m able to continue living independently in my own home and remain connected with my community”

“With Mable, as a worker I’m able to run my own small business, be truly valued for the great work I do and decide what services I offer, to whom, when and what I charge”

Mable is a memorable and simple name. Like any other networking platform, our short name captures the speed and ease at which people connect through our platform, whilst feeling familiar and warm. We believe it is a great evolution of our brand, without stepping away from the core of what we are; a people platform.

Our new logo launched alongside Mable is a play on the letter ‘M’ and a visual representation of what we stand for as a business., Our logo represents people together, side by side, who are equal. and connected by a continuous, endless loop which signifies the possibilities that come with connecting via Mable.

We truly believe that Mable will soon become a recognisable symbol across Australia of what is possible for people who need support and those willing to offer it.  We’re looking forward to helping you connect and discover what you are able to do via Mable.

I’m very excited to introduce you to Mable, and if you haven’t already, I hope you join our growing community of support.

Ready to get started? You can sign up as an independent support worker or a client today.

Peter Scutt
Co-founder of Mable