• How to upload support plans and remind support workers to read them

How to upload support plans and remind support workers to read them

To assist independent support workers meeting Aged Care Quality Standards’ requirements, Coordinators and Organisational Administrators can directly upload support plans for Home Care Package (HCP) clients on Mable. 

Once uploaded, support workers will automatically be reminded by email to read the support plan, with links available on their Mable account dashboard.

Coordinators and Organisational Administrators can check on Mable whether an independent support worker has read the client’s support plan. They can also:

  • View support plans currently on the Mable platform
  • Add missing support plan expiry dates
  • Replace support plans already expired
  • Filter for support plans that will soon expire.

How coordinators and organisational administrators can upload support plans on Mable

Log in

Begin by logging into your Mable account.

Mable dashboard

Once you’ve logged in, select “Compliance” from the menu.

From this page, you can select “Support Worker Details”, taking you to a table displaying support workers and clients in active agreements on Mable.

This table is where you can review key information, qualifications and certifications about independent support workers on Mable your clients or yourself have booked.

Upload a support plan

In the “Support Plan and Effective Date” column, you can upload a plan by selecting the pencil icon. This feature is available regardless of whether a plan has already been uploaded. For example, this is what is displayed if there is no plan uploaded.

To upload a plan, select the pencil icon, which takes you to a new page where you may upload the plan and confirm its effective date. Select ‘save’ and the plan will be uploaded.

Once a plan has been uploaded, you may view it by selecting the file name. You’ll also see the plan’s effective date listed beneath the file.

How to check if a worker has read the plan

Beside the support plan column is a ‘Support Plan Read’ status, where you can check whether the plan has been read by a worker (indicated by a green tick) or not (indicated by a red cross).


Yes, existing and future support workers will be automatically reminded to read support plans related to HCP clients. Email reminders will be weekly (capped to 26 times) to all support workers with agreements with clients associated with the support plan. Please note, support workers providing only gardening services are advised they are not required to read the support plan.

Go to Compliance in your main menu, then select “Support Worker Details” and you’ll see “Support Plan Read” column which will show if the support plan was read (and the corresponding version and Expiry date).

Yes. The support plan after uploading to one support worker- client relationship, will be automatically visible in the other rows where the client has other support workers. The support plan will also be visible in the client profile under Account>>Support Needs.

You can still login as your client, then go to Account >> Support Needs, and then upload “GP documents”, or “Other documents”. Please note that other than support plan, whilst these are visible to the support worker once they have an agreement with your client, for now, “GP documents” and “Other documents” are not automatically nudged to the support worker to read.

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