Why does my support worker provide notes?

When support workers submit their support hours on Mable, they’re prompted to write support notes for the session. They’re also asked if any incidents happened during the session. 

Workers who provide aged care services to clients with a Home Care Package (HCP) are also required to also provide health and wellbeing notes if they notice a change or deterioration in a client’s health and wellbeing. This helps the HCP provider to give timely assistance and meet Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards.

What are support notes and why does my worker provide them?

Support notes describe the support services provided, key activities and what was achieved during the session. The activities should match the type of service that was booked.

You may also ask your worker to take photos during your session to attach to their support notes to capture a fun moment, achievement or something that’s important to you. Your worker must ask for your consent to take your photo.

Your worker is required to provide support notes for your session under Mable’s Terms of Use


  • Are a record of services provided during a support session, and can be used in case of an incident or dispute.
  • May be required under NDIS regulations and various Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards.
  • Are a way you can demonstrate your use of support services if you have, or are applying for, government funding.

The information provided in the support notes also helps Mable raise invoices, verify services and identify trust and safety-related matters. 

Support notes can be found on your worker’s support hours submissions.


Health and wellbeing notes apply only to clients with a Home Care Package.

Home Care Package providers are required to monitor client health and wellbeing under the Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards.This is an important safeguard for aged care clients and is designed to help them get support that meets their changing needs sooner, so they can live safely and independently at home for longer.

To assist HCP providers to meet this requirement, when submitting support hours for a client with a Home Care Package, support workers are prompted to select either ‘no health and wellbeing changes observed’ or to add health and wellbeing notes if they noticed a change or deterioration in a client’s health and wellbeing.

Mable provides support workers with a checklist and examples of health and wellbeing notes that are professional and objective.

If a Home Care Package provider gets health and wellbeing notes for one of their clients they will decide whether they will contact the client to further discuss the observed change and determine if assistance is needed.

If no assistance is needed, then no further action will be taken. 

If assistance is needed, a HCP provider will work with the client and their representatives. Assistance can include adjusting supports and services temporarily or providing for longer-term needs, eg, assistance to apply for a higher level of Home Care Package.

Support notes can be read by the following people:

  • The person managing a client’s Mable account and approving support hours – this may be a client or their representative. 
  • A client’s support coordinator and/or HCP provider, if applicable.
  • The Mable Finance or Customer Support team, in the case of an issue.
  • An insurance company claim assessor, in the case of a claim by you or your worker.
  • The Mable Trust and Safety Team if an incident has been reported, or a complaint has been made. 
  • In some circumstances, Mable may be legally obligated to disclose support notes to a legal or regulatory body.

Health and wellbeing notes apply only to clients with a Home Care Package and are shared with a client’s Home Care Package (HCP) provider.

If the client account is self-managed, the support worker has a choice of whether to share these health and wellbeing notes with the account holder. 

If a client has a coordinator-managed account on Mable, health and wellbeing notes are shared with the coordinator and HCP provider.

If you want access to these health and wellbeing notes and you currently do not have access, please contact your HCP provider.

Support notes should be professional and objective. If you believe that the notes are not an accurate record of your session, speak to your support worker to request they amend and re-submit their notes for approval. If you are unable to resolve the issue and believe the notes are misrepresentative of the support provided and activities that took place during the support session, contact: trustandsafety@mable.com.au

Health and wellbeing notes apply only to clients with a Home Care Package.

If you have any questions about health and wellbeing monitoring or if you believe your worker’s health and wellbeing notes are not accurate, please contact your HCP provider.

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