How and why invoices can be split on Mable

What does splitting invoices mean?

Splitting an invoice on Mable means our team moving some of the support sessions from one invoice and putting them on a new invoice, effectively splitting the original invoice into two separate invoices.

For example, if an invoice with four support sessions issued on January 1 is split and a second invoice is created on January 10 featuring two original sessions, each invoice will have a unique invoice number.

Splitting an invoice is different to amending an invoice, where changes are made, but there is still only one invoice.

Why would an invoice be split?

NDIS cap rate issues

We may split an invoice if a plan manager notifies us an invoiced support session is over the NDIS cap rate limit and they want the sessions reissued with rates under the cap. 

Here, the Mable team will contact and inform the support worker their rates are over the cap, and we need their permission to void their sessions so they can resubmit them with acceptable rates. 

We may split invoices in these circumstances because plan managers often pay entire invoices, not individual sessions. 

Previously, if there were five support sessions on an invoice and one was over the cap, the payment for the other four support sessions would be delayed until the cap rate issue was resolved.

In this scenario, splitting the invoice means the four cap-compliant support sessions are reissued on a new invoice. 

The single session exceeding cap limits would remain on the existing invoice.

By splitting the invoice, the plan manager can pay cap-compliant sessions while the cap-rate issue is resolved.


Sometimes a client may change organisations during an invoice period. 

For example, a client may have six support sessions on an invoice, but they changed organisations halfway during the invoice period.

The first three sessions need to be paid for by the previous organisation, while the final three sessions need to be paid for by the new.

If one of these organisations notifies us, we can split the invoice appropriately. This ensures support sessions for the new organisation go onto a separate invoice.

As with all split invoices, this separate invoice will have a new invoice number and issue date. The old organisation will then be sent an adjustment note from our team explaining they only need to pay the first three support sessions on the original invoice.

Disputed Invoice

A disputed invoice is when a client refuses to pay for invoiced support sessions.

If there are multiple support sessions on the invoice, then the invoice may be split by Mable, and the support sessions not in dispute will be added to a second invoice. 

This allows the client to pay for these support sessions while disputed support sessions stay on the original invoice while the dispute is ongoing.

How do I know if an invoice has been split from a previous invoice?

We’ll leave a comment on the invoice outlining the invoice has been split from a previous invoice, plus provide the invoice number for the original invoice.

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