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How you’re ranked in search results

The Mable platform makes life easier for clients when searching for care workers by providing a ranking system that puts the best matches at the top of search results. The top spots in search results are ranked by a combination of:
The proximity of the client’s address to the locations where you have indicated your availability. Local care workers will be ranked at the top of search results for clients in a particular area. It’s important to remember to indicate your availability across a range of locations to ensure your profile pops up for a greater number of clients. Click through to read our article on adding additional suburbs to your profile.
Customer Feedback Ranking
Clients can provide you with transparent feedback and ratings when they book you through the Mable platform. Care workers who have consistent, positive feedback will appear at the top of search results. Remember to ask any existing clients to rate and review you on the platform, to help boost your profile’s visibility for potential new clients.
Customer Response Times
At Mable, we also celebrate and reward workers who reply promptly to clients who message them on the platform. Average response times are displayed in each worker’s profile, and this information is used to rank you in search results. Your response time is calculated on your inbox messages only, not from posted jobs, as you do not need to reply to posted jobs unless you are interested.
Remember the following to ensure a healthy response time!
– If a client leaves their phone number in a message, make sure you also reply with a written response.
– If you want to take your time with a well thought-out response, but are too busy, you might consider letting the client know you have recieved their message and will respond shortly.
– If you are unavailable to help for a particular inquiry, it is important to still respond so the client knows to look elsewhere.
– If you are unavailable for all potential jobs, you can change your profile to ‘unavailable’, which will hide you in the search results.
Mable Badges
The Mable team assigns badges to care workers – those with a badge are also more likely to appear at the top of search results. To find out how you can obtain a Mable badge, read our criteria below:
Care workers with a Bronze Badge have experience using Mable and are motivated to build their business.
Bronze badge care workers:
– are familiar with the platform, have read through the care worker guide and the Mable code of ethical conduct
– respond to clients promptly, clearly and politely within 24 hours
– attend Mable meet-ups and industry training and stay in contact with our Customer Care Team
– understand their duty of care to the client and that the safety of client and themselves is paramount
– keep their availability up to date on their profile and have a professional voicemail message
Care workers with a Silver Badge have proven reliable in service delivery to clients
In addition to meeting all of the bronze badge requirements, silver care workers receive positive feedback from clients, have been noted as reliable and work with their clients to build valuable, long term relationships.
Gold care workers use the Mable platform to manage their business and have consistent positive feedback from a range of clients.
Our Gold standard care workers are model independent care workers who demonstrate an understanding of person-centred care, share their experiences with other care and support workers and have developed buddy relationships with other care workers to ensure there is a back up plan for their clients.
lightbulb Top tip!
If you would like to find out how you can increase your eligibility for a Mable badge, you can get in touch with the team on 1300 73 65 73.
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