LGBTI Inclusiveness

Mable is LGBTI Inclusive. We recognise and celebrate people’s individuality and their right to access care that’s just right for them.
Mable is by nature an inclusive service that recognises and celebrates people’s individuality and their right to receive personalised and sensitive care. We also respect people’s right to exercise choice when it comes to who provides their care and support.

Our service allows customers to search for and find the right care or support worker for them.

To make sure we are responding to the needs of our LGBTI customers we:

  • Understand and respect the need for privacy and confidentiality.
  • Understand members of the LGBTI community rarely want to be solely defined by their sexual orientation, sex or gender identity, but for many it is an important part of who they are and may be important in finding the right care worker.
  • Recognise that there is no requirement to disclose information unless you want to. It is your choice.
  • Allow care and support workers to self-identify as “LGBTI Friendly” and offer care and support workers the option of undertaking LGBTI sensitivity training developed by ACON and provided through the National LGBTI Health Alliance.

By undertaking the training, care workers can be accredited as “Rainbow Inclusive”. These badges form part of a care worker’s profile.

On the Mable’s platform, you have the opportunity to give feedback on your care and support workers. If in your experience, a care worker is truly LGBTI Inclusive, then you can give this feedback on their profile, helping other consumers make the right choice for themselves.

By undertaking the training, Care Workers can be accredited as “Rainbow Inclusive”. These badges form part of a Care Giver’s profile.