How to access your Business Net Income Statement for EOFY

On your Mable account, you can easily access a summary of the net monthly business income paid to you, by your clients, over the financial year. This document is called your Business Net Income Statement.

1. What does the Business Net Income Statement include?

The statement lists your month-by-month business net income as well as the total business net income for the financial year, less the support worker Mable platform fee. 

2. Where can I find it?

Click here to view and download your summary. Or, log into Mable via our website and select ‘Billing’ on the left-hand menu. From there, simply select ‘Business Income‘.

3. When will my statement be available?

Your Business Net Income Statement will be available to download early July 2023.

4. How can I access statements from previous financial years?

To access statements from previous financial years, click here.

5. What period does the statement cover?

The statement includes payments within the current financial year only. Payments received after 30th June 2023 will be included in the following financial year’s statement.

6. Why do I need this statement?

You are operating your business through the Mable platform. Your Business Net Income Statement can be used with the ATO, along with any other end-of-financial-year documents.


Note: The above information should not be considered legal, accounting or tax advice. We recommend you speak with an accountant, tax adviser or your financial adviser and we expressly disclaim any responsibility for any action taken or not taken based on this information.

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