How do I change my payment details?

Debit/Credit Card
After logging in to your account, you can visit the payment details section to update your credit card details.

Direct and credit card detail options

Please note the changes will not take effect until the next timesheet has been submitted and approved. If you do not have any new support booked, please call us on 1300 73 65 73, so we can manually process any outstanding payments to support workers who have already attended.

Direct Debit
To change the account from where your direct debits are made, you must complete and upload a new direct debit authority form. You can download this form directly from your profile in the payment details section.

If you have access to self-managed or plan-managed funding or self-directed funding through a Financial Intermediary and would like invoices to be directed to you or the organisation looking after your funding, please contact the Customer Care Team.

If you have any other questions about payment, please let us know.

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