How do you ensure the safety of care workers online?

At Mable, we prioritise the safety of everyone in our community. Clients who register with Mable are required to have their account verified before they can message Care Workers. The following are required in order to complete the verification of a client’s account:

  • An Australian mobile number
  • A Verification Code which is sent to the Client’s mobile number

These measures have been put in place to prevent care workers from being sent spam or inappropriate content.
In addition, our client support team contacts all new clients at the time of signing up. They are also required to provide personal details, including their full name and state, when they create a profile and must provide payment details before they make a booking.
Please be aware that we monitor all messages exchanged on the Mable platform to ensure the messages being exchanged are appropriate and not suspicious in any manner.
If you ever experience any concerns when speaking to a client, do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 73 65 73 to report this. Your safety is important to us.