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Updating your Mable profile

The video below explains how to update your profile to get more jobs. Read more about updating your profile below.

Having an up-to-date Mable profile helps you find clients right for you, including location, timing and services needed.

You have the freedom to update your Mable profile details, including:

Work history

Enter your work history and experience in the last five years.

Education & training

As part of growing your business on Mable, you have access to the Mable Learning Hub. With over 170 free courses available on demand, you can expand your industry knowledge when it’s convenient for you. 

Training providers include La Trobe University, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, NDS and Dementia Australia. 

As you complete education and training – including on the Mable Learning Hub – you can download and add certificates to your Mable profile

Your education will display on your profile and gives potential clients a better idea of your background. The more profile detail you have, the more likely clients will contact and book you on Mable.

Bank Account

To get you paid as soon as possible, ensure you have up-to-date bank details so we can process payments to you on behalf of your clients.

Your bank details will not be displayed on your profile and are only used to process your payments by the Mable team.


Availability on Mable is shown as days and times, for example, below.

Indicative rates

Indicative rates display on your profile as a guide for potential clients. The actual rates you agree on and include in a service agreement may differ slightly, based on a client’s individual service requirements.


Select areas you have professional experience in to help find clients right for you, including:

  • Aged care
  • Chronic medical conditions
  • Disability
  • Mental health

NDIS Worker Screening Check

NDIS Worker Screening Check is a standardised national assessment for all disability support workers and isn’t currently mandatory. You can learn more about getting a check here.


You can update your COVID-19 and Flu vaccination statuses.


You can select your main languages, plus other languages you can provide support in.

Cultural background

Selecting your cultural background helps clients search for support workers sharing a similar cultural background.


Selecting your religion helps clients search for support workers sharing their religion.

Interests and hobbies

Select from popular activities you enjoy doing. Clients are more likely to find support workers sharing similar interests and hobbies.

My preferences

You can select the client types you prefer to work with, including:

  • Female only
  • Male only
  • Non-smoker
  • No pets
  • No preferences
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