Do clients confirm an independent support worker has provided the services?

Once an agreement has been finalised, the support worker and client will be notified. After each session, the support worker will submit an online timesheet, which is then sent to the client for confirmation. When a client has confirmed that care has been delivered, Mable will process the charge for the cost of the support, plus a 7.95% client platform fee. For example, if $45 per hour is the agreed rate, with Mable’s 7.95% client platform fee the client pays $48.58 per hour ($45 x 1.0795 = $3.58 fee). With Mable’s 10% worker platform fee ($45 x .1 = $4.50 fee) the worker receives $40.50 an hour.

If clients reject the timesheet, they will not be charged and can discuss any issues directly with the support worker before they re-submit the timesheet.

If a client does not respond within 24 hours by either confirming or rejecting the timesheet, we will take the care as having been delivered. This is to ensure support workers are paid promptly for their services. If an incorrect timesheet has been approved accidentally, please call us on 1300 73 65 73 as soon as possible to have it corrected.

Support workers can submit timesheets at any time after completing a session. If you are concerned about the 24-hour automatic approval, we recommend that you ask your support worker to submit their timesheet on a particular day each week when you will have access to a computer or smartphone to review it. This process can also be easily tracked via the reports available through the Mable platform.

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