Discover jobs on Mable

Independent support workers on Mable can choose clients, schedules, rates and more. To help you grow your small business and build lasting connections, you can easily discover recommended jobs suited to your preferences and skills.

Discover jobs on Mable

Once you’ve logged into your Mable account, select Jobs from the menu.

Independent support worker finds jobs on Mable

The Discover Jobs section shows recommended jobs that are best matched to:

  • the services you provide
  • your distance from the client
  • your preference for client gender (if any)

Additionally, new jobs since your last visit are displayed at the top of the list so you will always see the newest and best-matched jobs each time you access Mable.

You can also search for jobs on Mable, with relevant jobs displayed for you.

Support worker searches Mable jobs via mobile

The jobs matching process works best when you keep your Mable profile and availability updated.  

Saving public jobs on mobile

As an independent support worker on Mable, we make it simple for you to apply for jobs you’re interested in. The Mable mobile app enables you to search and save relevant jobs to review later, so you can take time to apply for jobs you’re interested in, giving you choice and control over your business and the jobs you undertake.

The benefits of saving jobs

  • Save jobs you’re interested in so you can apply later
  • Create a list of jobs that suit your requirements
  • Easily navigate to the list from your home screen
  • Return to saved jobs when you choose
  • Provide the opportunity to take time with your applications, read the job requirements carefully and only apply for the jobs that are a good fit 
  • Increasing your chances of landing the jobs you’re really interested in

How to save jobs on the Mable mobile app

The ability to save jobs is currently only available to support workers using the Mable mobile app

To save jobs, start by clicking jobs on the left side of your dashboard.

  • Choose to either discover jobs or search for suitable jobs
  • Browse through the list, and click to read the job requirements
  • At the bottom of the job, click save.
search for suitable jobs

You can review your list of saved jobs from the home screen.

review your list of saved jobs

Frequently asked questions

What happens when a job I previously saved is no longer available because it has either been filled, cancelled or expired?

A message ‘job is no longer available’ is displayed on the job card in the saved jobs list. The job can then be unsaved if you choose.

Can I save jobs before they have been approved by Mable to provide services?

Yes. You can save jobs before being approved, however you cannot apply for jobs until you are approved.

Can I save jobs when using the Mable website?

No, you can only save jobs when using the Mable mobile app. 

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