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Watch: How to use your NDIS funding to build your own community of paid support

Great news! If you missed the webinar on March 7th, 2017 “How to use your NDIS funding to build your own community of paid support” here is the full video recording.

We also had some great questions come in from the audience during the webinar – read on for a transcript of the Q&A:

Guest: I am agency managed, can I use the workers on the Mable platform?

Kelly Jones: Yes you can, but it does depend on the provider that you’re working with and whether they’re open to using the platform. We do have quite a number of progressive providers that are open. However, it really depends on the provider – I encourage you to talk to them about it. If you’d like more information on other people who have gone through this process who are agency managed, email us at info@mable.com.au.

Guest: The NDIS told me that I need a service agreement with each support worker that I hire. Is this true?

Kelly Jones: There have been some different opinions around this. It terms of being safe, it is good idea to have some type of agreement in place. On the Mable platform you can agree on the dollar amount and the services that the person you’re engaging with offers to do for you – this substitutes as a service agreement. It is an individual thing, some people like to have one for every provider or support they engage and other people are not so concerned about it. My advice is to have a service agreement with people – it doesn’t have to be a massive 50-page document, it can be as simple as this is who you are, this is who I am, there are the hourly rates we’ve agreed to and the services you’re offering.

Note from editor: When you engage supports through the Mable platform, your worker will provide you with an offer outlining the services, rates and schedule that you have agreed between you. Upon acceptance of the offer, you effectively have a service agreement that clearly outlines your expectations.

Can I work with Mable if I have other providers I already work with?

Kelly Jones: You absolutely can, I wanted to talk you through an example – we showed a photo in the presentation before of a young gentlemen with his support worker. That gentlemen actually works with three other providers and Mable. That’s a true [example] of [a client] figuring out who is right to support him and building his own team of supports. He brought a worker to the platform and engages her on the weekend and the evenings. He also engages a traditional provider during the day and another provider for home supports. It’s about making it work for you.

What is the first thing to do to get started?

Kelly Jones: Take a step back and think about who you need in your team, think about your goals and the funding that has been approved. The second thing you can do is hop online and have a look at the Mable platform and see workers who are available in your area. You can then sign up and start messaging and interviewing people. Talk to your plan manager, talk to your provider and your coordinator of supports and ask them what you need to build your own team. That’sats the best way to get started.

Guest: How do potential clients know about Mable?

Kelly Jones: Mable has a community engagement team and our role is to raise awareness. We talk to a lot of client led forums, we work and talk with a lot of plan managers, independent coordinators of supports and providers. It’s led by the client as well, if the client really wants to use the platform they often talk to the people who support them and make it happen. We also advertise on Facebook, which is probably how you found out about this webinar. The word is definitely out there but that is generally how clients seem to find out about Mable.

Guest: I thought that if you were NDIS-managed that you had to use registered providers? I didn’t think that Mable was a registered provider?

Kelly Jones: Mable is not a registered provider, our model is supported by the NDIS and we do have some workers on the Mable platform who are registered. If you are agency managed by a traditional provider, you can still use Mable. It all comes down to what the provider is registered for. Some big providers are registered for core supports, that allows them to broker out those services or how they can look into getting those services happening for you. As they’re registered for those core supports, it gives you choice and control to broker out your supports.

Note from editor: If you are NDIS-managed and unsure of whether you can use the Mable platform, we encourage you to call us on 1300 73 65 73 to talk through the details of your plan. We have many clients we have worked with to have their plans reviewed and structured in a way that will enable the greatest choice and flexibility.

Quest: How much does Mable take from the rate we pay to workers?

Kelly Jones: Workers set their own rates, which might be $30-$40 per hour – Mable takes 10% to cover insurances, maintenance of the platform and the team we have here supporting them. We also take 5% from the client which covers the use of the Mable platform, messaging workers on the platform and finding workers over the platform. This is why we’re a cost effective option, where workers get paid a little bit more and clients are only charged 5%. There’s no massive overheads there.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Webinar! If you have any other questions please email us at info@mable.com.au.

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