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Meet Sam, independent worker on Mable!

Sam works as a full-time registered nurse and supports seven Mable clients, too. He plans to bring clients to the Mable platform once the NDIS is available in their areas. This is his story.

I spent two years as a combat medic in Singapore before coming to Australia to do a nursing degree. When not doing hospital shifts, I am a care worker through the Mable platform. I also work as a swim instructor and lifeguard.

I like supporting clients through Mable because there is the chance to build relationships. When you treat people on the frontline, you see them in the most pain. You do the best you can but you don’t see the entire process and you don’t build rapport. It was the same when I worked as a psychiatric nurse.

This kind of work keeps me grounded. You can see the change that clients go through. With disability support work, you can see how things progress. You learn your clients’ triggers and what makes them happy. You find a few things that work.

I have seven Mable clients. I’d rather dedicate myself to something than spread myself thin. I try to work with clients who have a pool of carers as I can’t commit to a specific day every week. I have buddied up with another Mable worker so we can offer continuity to our clients.

I support my clients with personal care and take them on social outings, sometimes providing a transport service. When I have kids, we go out for hours, to watch movies or to the park. They have a lot of energy! I also offer respite services for a few aged care clients.

I was initially unsure of Mable because it’s an online platform but there are lots of resources for workers including how to market yourself. The team is happy to help. I’m hoping to bring clients across in the next couple of months once NDIS has rolled out in their areas.

I really like the transparency the platform offers. You can see service agreements and what you’re going into. You can source your clients and send messages. Clients trust Mable and the process, and don’t even always ask to see references or qualifications. I think it really empowers both sides – clients and workers.

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